September 11th 2001... Never Forget what happened to the innocent thousands....

September 11 2001 - WTC, World Trade Center and New York Tributes and Memorials websiteSeptember 11th 2001 - WTC, World Trade Center and New York Tributes and 9/11 MemorialsSeptember 11 2001 - Pentagon, Washington D.C., New York and Flight 93 Tributes and Memorials for 9/11.Flight 93 Hereos from September 11 2001, 9/11 Tributes and Memorials to Flight 93
New York World Trade Center - AA #11 and UA #175  / Washington D.C. The Pentagon - AA #77 / Pennsylvania - UA Flight #93

September 11th 2002 thru 2016... 15 Years of the "Tribute in Light" and tributes & memorial events to remember the lost innocents...

September 11th Tribute in Lights in New York City WTC WTC Tribute in Light 9/11 anniversary on 20109/11 Tribute in Lights - September 11th WTC Tribute in Light

... What will you do TODAY to remember those innocent thousands and the murderous acts committed against them?

September 11th 2001 tributes and memorials9/11 Anniversary, Tributes and MemorialsSeptember 11th Tributes and MemorialsSeptember 11 anniversary - Flight 93 Tribute and MemorialSeptember 11 2001 rememberance - NEVER Forget 9/11

This 9/11 Tribute & September 11th 2001 Memorial website utilizes many Audio and Video files - make sure your speakers and volume are turned on and up...

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9/11 Tributes - September 11th 2001 Tributes & Memorials - "Lest We Forget"...

September 11 2001 - 9/11/01 and 9-11 Memorial Tributes and Video and Audio files to remember the September 11th / 9/11 tragedy.To honor the innocent lives that were taken in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania on that horrible day, and the truly indomitable spirit of America we have seen in the days since 9/11/2001.

9/11/01 Tributes and Memorials - 9-11 Video and Audio files to remember the September 11th 9/11 tragedy.As a tribute to the human spirit we have seen in the actions and faces of those in New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and throughout our nation during that time, the following presentations below feature a series of video presentations, musical mixes, original songs and poems about the murderous and tragic events of Tuesday September 11, 2001 and the days following.

Many of the tributes featured below do not contain graphic or disturbing images, but images of the reality of the day and images of the people affected by this horror and many images that show how our country and its citizens have shown their true American Spirit in the aftermath.

Bookmark and SharePlease watch and/or listen to the following presentations either alone, or with someone you love, and share this link with your friends and loved ones if you are moved by any of these tributes in some way.

I feel these presentations deserve to be shared with anyone that may need to be reminded of the frailty of our lives, the potential of great evil that can be thrust into our lives and the great courage and sacrifices that many of our fellow Americans are willing to make for our fellow man.

When you view the videos or listen to the songs, many of these presentations will load enough to start playing, then continue to load while playing. As many of the images in the videos are synchronized to the music, due to bandwidth issues if your first play does not play through without issues, I recommend you refresh the presentation after it is fully loaded so the synchronization will be maintained as it was produced. Bandwidth issues and demand will often cause some of the higher resolution and larger video's to not play as produced on their first play. These September 11th Tributes include Flash, Windows Media, some YouTube hosted content, MP3's and original poems - all of which can be viewed below.

September 11th 2016 - The 15th Year Anniversary Passes - Remembering the Innocent Thousands...

United Airlines Flight 93 on 9-11-2001 | Tributes and Memorials / UA Flight 93 tributes and memorialsAP Photo - 9/11 Rubble, Flag and FDNY at the World Trade Center / WTC - September 11th 10th Year Anniversary Approaches As the 15th year anniversary of the September 11th 2001 murderous terrorist attack passes, certainly many people feel that the events of that day must never be forgotten.

I personally hope in some way that in our 21st century where everything is expected yesterday, and it seems that many of our attention spans are often less than the length of a 30 minute sitcom or the length of a 140 character tweet. We will NEVER forget the cowardly and demonic acts that were perpetrated against our country, our freedoms and thousands of truly innocent lives.

The fight for our freedoms, the safety of ourselves, our loved ones and for our nations future is unfortunately far from over.

I am not seeking revenge, merely justice for those thousands of innocent lives taken by willful men, in pursuit of their own selfish agendas. Their cause was, and is not just, nor is their cause and actions true to the word of ANY God or legitimate prophet.

We must remember every innocent victim, every brave rescuer and every brave hero, who died in honor. We must always remember every family that still lives in grief. We must remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls from the hero's on our airplanes and the thousands of funerals of innocent children, loving parents, brothers, sisters, and brave rescuers.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing" ...

September 11 tributes and 9/11 tributes - September 11 10 year anniversarySeptember 11th 2001 memorials and tributes - 9/11 Ten Year AnniversaryThese "men" that may call themselves "The voices of Islam" or "The messengers of Muhammad" or "scholars of the Koran / Qur'an" are far, far from that.

They use the Koran's Sura's, the Sunnah and Hadith's of Muhammad that unfortunately do describe and advocate violence against others, in giving their own present day actions some sort of God sanctioned merit. They ARE wrong - They are evil, self-serving sociopaths wishing to impose THEIR own twisted beliefs and will on all others in the name of their own misguided interests. They expound their messages with religious interpretations that will only support their own twisted ideology and agendas.

Show me the levels of freedom, human dignity and value for another persons life in any part of the world where these "men" have resided, exerted influence, governed or ruled, and you will see only a bleak and unforgiving climate of subjugation, distrust, a profound lack of freedoms, hate against non-Muslims, and more often non-stop conflict and violence.

Credit to the Citizens of the U.S.A.

September 11th 2001 Anniversary and TributesOn each of the last 15 anniversaries of September 11th, throughout the country, I believe we all are seeing the Dignity, Respect and LOVE shown for the innocent thousands, First Responders and surviving families of the innocent victims...

NO chanting for "Death to Islam" or "Death to Muslims" - NO burning of other nations flags. Just respectful displays of reverence and remembrance for the many victims and their remaining families and friends.

The United States & our citizens certainly are not perfect, but I for one, am proud of the national display of dignity in remembrance over the last 13 years that I see my fellow American's display on each anniversary of September 11th 2001.

A great wrong was perpetrated against us and our nation. We must see justice meted out to all of those that participated in this long planned murderous attack.

We MUST bring great power to bear in seeing that all of those that have tried and actively attempt to destroy us, our nation and our way of life are shown that their limited time on this earth would be better spent in trying to alleviate their own problems from within and thru civilized means and not thru the actions of terrorism and murder against others.

9/11/2012 - View a GREAT Time Lapse Video of the 11th Anniversary Tribute in Light Display HERE  - 9/11/2012


A Few of the Victims of September 11th's Terrorism... There were THOUSANDS more...

The Innocent Voices of 9-11...

Flight 93 flight attendant Ceecee Lyles, 33 years old, in an answering-machine message to her husband: "Please tell my children that I love them very much. I'm sorry, baby. I wish I could see your face again."
Capt. Walter Hynes of the New York Fire Department's Ladder 13 dialed home that morning as his rig left the firehouse at 85th Street and Lexington Avenue. He was on his way downtown, he said in his message, "I don't know if we'll make it out. I want to tell you that I love you and I love the kids."
When Elizabeth Rivas husband left for the World Trade Center that morning, she went to a Laundromat, where she heard the news. She couldn't reach him by cell and rushed home. He'd called at 9:02 and reached her daughter. The child reported, "He say, mommy, he say he love you no matter what happens, he loves you." He never called again. Mrs. Rivas later said, "He tried to call me. He called me."
Peter Hanson, a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175 called his father. "I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building," he said. "Don't worry, Dad - if it happens, it will be very fast."
On the same flight, Brian Sweeney called his wife, got the answering machine, and told her they'd been hijacked. "Hopefully I'll talk to you again, but if not, have a good life. I know I'll see you again some day."
There was Tom Burnett's famous call from United Flight 93. "We're all going to die, but three of us are going to do something," he told his wife, Deena. "I love you, honey."
Todd Beamer of United 93 wound up praying on the phone with a woman he'd never met before, a Verizon Airfone supervisor named Lisa Jefferson. She said later that his tone was calm. It seemed as if they were "old friends," she later wrote. They said the Lord's Prayer together. Then he said "Let's roll."
38 year old Lauren Grandcolas (3 months pregnant, with her first child) called her husband of 10 years from United 93 and left this message. "Jack, pick up, Sweetie," Lauren said on the voicemail. "I'm OK. I just wanted to tell you I love you. There's a little problem on the plane. I'm totally fine for now. I … I'll … I love you more than anything. Just know that. Please tell my family I love them too."
Melissa Harrington Hughes, a 31-year-old San Franciscan who was attending a conference on the 101st floor of the World Trade Centre when the first plane hit. Her message reverberated around the world. Trapped on this higher floor, she called her father to say she loved him. Minutes later she left a message on the answering machine as her new husband slept in their San Francisco home. The message she left was heard by millions: "Sean, it's me. I just wanted to let you know I love you and I am stuck in this building in New York. A plane hit, or a bomb went off - We don't know. But there's a lot of smoke and I just wanted you to know I love you."

Some quotes and content from above used from Peggy Noonan's Wall Street Journal Editorial page from 9/8/06.

The 2,977 confirmed victims of September 11th 2001 included innocent victims from over 90 countries

The youngest victim was 2 year old Christie Hanson - The oldest victim was 85 year old Robert Grant Norton

3,251 children lost a parent on that day...

All of the innocent victims were just...
Going to work... At work... Traveling to see friends & family... Going on vacation... Or trying to protect lives & property...

Visit the Legacy website to view victim lists with bios, pictures, memorials & many moving tributes:

Currently Playing: The 9/11 Remix of "Heaven"

Victims and Tributes for September 11th 2001 - 9/11/01 - 9.11.01

Click here to view September 11th 2001 tributes. 9/11/01 - Never Forget

Click here to view the "Heaven" lyrics including the child's narrative

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Lest We Forget...

9/11 Flash Presentations (16) - 9/11 Windows Media Presentations (7) - MP3 Song Tributes (20) - 9/11 Poems (3)


9/11 & September 11th Flash Presentations - 9/11 Tributes & Memorials


All of the 15 following 9/11 September 11th Tributes require FREE Flash Player

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The following first 4 Tributes (1 thru 4) & Tributes 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 do not show any disturbing images...

However, Tributes 5, 6, 8 & 9 do show some WTC suicide jumpers which might be disturbing for some viewers.

1. 9/11 Tribute - "Tears" A very touching compilation of audio, video and images to Sarah McLachlin's "Arms of an Angel".
2. "Can't Cry Hard Enough" I can't cry hard enough... for the lost innocents of 9/11. A moving song sung by Victoria Williams, with a moving video tribute.
3. "Sanctuary" An original Rock song with images from the attack on September 11th.
4. "Little Did She Know..." A Tribute for the Heroes of Flight 93 - If you would like more information on the song please visit the artists (Kristy Jackson) website at I do endorse visiting Kristy Jackson's website, however Kristy nor I endorse the website ( listed at the beginning and the end of the tribute I have posted here.
5. Enya & Greenwood 9/11 Tribute The following 9/11 Tribute is more graphic as it includes some WTC jumper photos. This tribute features 2 songs (Enya and Lee Greenwood) as the background music for the story telling imagery. This tribute includes images of some WTC suicide jumpers, which can be disturbing for some. It includes images from WTC, the Pentagon and many memorial vigils after 9/11.
6. Enya 9/11 Tribute The following 9/11 Tribute uses the song by Enya "Only Time" as the background for its presentation. This tribute is longer than the previous Enya Tribute, and follows timelines from the attack with many victims photos from the day of the attack. This video tribute also includes many images from the aftermath of the attack.  This Tribute does include some images of WTC jumpers, which can be disturbing for some. This 9/11 Tribute was created and produced by a New Yorker.
7. Sacred Heart Memorial A Religious / Christian themed Tribute to 9/11 and The Tragedy of September 11th 2001

I've tried to keep religion and religious beliefs out of much of the content on this tribute page, however when I received the following link I felt it should be shared. This tribute has a 9/11 theme to it, however it's main theme is more religious in its message. I believe it is still a powerful message for many to enjoy.

Sadly, once again, as I have seen too often, the website that offered a moving 9-11  tribute for many years, recently went offline - I am now posting my own saved copy of the Sacred Heart Memorial 9-11 Tribute on my tribute page.

Religious beliefs have never been an issue with me. This page and the tributes I have featured have always been about the victims, the heroes, the families and many others that lived through and experienced this horrible day and its aftermath.

When I first posted this tribute - I offered an opportunity for all visitors to vote if this tribute was appropriate for this 9-11 tribute page, of the first 1,000 votes I received in the first 2 weeks, I received only 10 that thought this tribute was inappropriate. With that type of initial response, I have suspended the voting and will keep this tribute on my page.

Also, after considering the message of this tribute, I would like to know if anyone has found or can offer me an Islamic / Muslim faith based tribute or memorial that has a similar message for the innocent victims of September 11th which did include innocent Muslims and many others of different faiths.

Specifically, if there is an Islamic / Muslim based September 11th Tribute that has a message of remembrance, LOVE and compassion, and not one of violence, Jihad and DEATH to Infidels or the "West"... let me know and I'll gladly add it right next to this Christian based tribute on my 9/11 tribute page.

 UPDATE - It's been over 8 YEARS (over 3.7 MILLION VISITORS to this page during that time) since I asked for a Muslim / Islamic faith based September 11th Tribute or Memorial to post on this site, as I wanted to offer a "Fair and Balanced" tribute site. I have yet to see or be offered a single Islamic faith based tribute or memorial... WHY??? - The "Religion of Peace" is very, VERY silent... WHY????

8. Sacred Heart - Version 2 This is a remake utilizing the audio from the Sacred Heart Memorial above - The original background music and voiceover is remixed with images of the day and images from the days following. For those that appreciate the redemptive message of the Sacred Heart Memorial but want to view a tribute that reminds us all of  the unforgettable images of the day and many images from after the attack. This moving tribute does show one WTC jumper image at the beginning and then utilizes many other very moving images from 9/11 and photos of families, friends and memorials from the days after 9/11.
9. "Broken Hearts" A 7th Anniversary Tribute. I received this video on 9/10/08, from Peter Robertson in Canada. He also created the very moving Windows Media tribute posted below "Through Their Eyes" which was sent to me a year earlier as his first 9/11 Tribute offering.

 This very moving 9/11 Tribute is a  MUST WATCH ... I have watched this video many, many times and I've shed a tear each and every time  - Thank you Peter for creating such a moving testimonial and memorial to September 11th.

This converted Flash video is still a rather large file, and bandwidth delivery may be a problem. Please be patient if there is a slight delay to view this tribute. It is well worth the wait.

10. "I Pray For Peace" A September 11th Tribute video with Michele Tumes "I Pray For Peace" as the background song. A beautiful song and a very moving tribute. It's unfortunate that the mere wish for peace is not enough to protect us from those that are determined to destroy our nation and to end many of our lives to further their own selfish agendas.
11. "Remember Us" Added September 2009 - I received an email from Diane Riegal with a link to her original 9/11 tribute song and video memorial posted on her YouTube page. Diane's original song is beautiful and the images in the video are stirring. Diane wrote this song after visiting Ground Zero 6 days after 9/11. A beautifully done September 11th Memorial and Tribute song and video,  A MUST WATCH!  - Thank you Diane!
12. "We Will Remember You" Added September 2010 - I received an email from Robyn Adams, who wrote and sang the original "We Will Remember You" song that has been posted on this site for the last few years. She provided a link to her new YouTube video presentation of this song. This song is a tribute to "First Responders"... Fire, EMT, Police, Law Enforcement... Thank you Robyn, your song has always been a great tribute - The video really brings the message alive!
13. "9-11-01 We Will Remember" Added JUNE 2011 - This Tribute is VERY UNIQUE and WELL DONE - I received the YouTube link by the creator and immediately posted it to this page. Very moving images, narrative and music. All images are from WTC Ground Zero after the attack. This tribute is well done and I recommend viewing this 9/11 10th Anniversary Commemorative and Tribute video. Thanks to Nicholas Paul Franko!
14. "Phone Call" - Derik Nelson" Added September 10th 2011 - I stumbled upon this 9/11 10th Anniversary Tribute Video on YouTube while viewing other 9/11 Tributes. I thought the song and it's message was very moving. No images or pictures from 9/11, just the songwriter Derik Nelson performing his very moving original song. I personally found his song and performance very compelling.
15. "The Eleventh After: Hope Rises" Added September 10th 2012 - A VERY MOVING 9/11 11th Anniversary Video sent to me by Patti Keiper. This video tribute shows the WTC rebuild with stirring images from the current 9/11 Memorial and the new One World Trade. All set to a moving audio track with a poem that focuses on looking to healing and hope for the future.  WELL DONE and Worth Watching! . Thanks Patti for sharing your healing 9/11 tribute with us. Hope Rises!
16. "My America - Larry Kimpel" NEW - ADDED July 5th 2013 - Sent to me by Larry Kimpel. The song is beautiful and the message is about 9/11, America, hope, healing and a better future. I am posting his YouTube video here with the song lyrics and a link to his YouTube page if you would like to leave Larry a message for the very moving song and tribute he created. Thank YOU Larry, for sending me this.


9/11 & September 11th Windows Media Video Presentations - 9/11 Tributes & Memorials -

This is not a 9/11 Tribute as it was performed at the Super Bowl XXV in Tampa during the time of Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield 1990-1991 - I believe it is a very stirring performance worthy of watching and enjoying.
I created this Windows Media video file that features  Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" as the background audio.  Most of the images deal with rescuers, people, emotions and the aftermath of the attack and much less with the actual attack. This is a tribute to 1st Responders, families of victims and the best of humanity.
Another Windows Media video file that features a stirring more religious based song ( Higher Faith - "Angels in Heaven" ) as background. This 9/11 Tribute is based on less of the attack and more about the victims, the survivors, the rescuers, family members and the emotions in the aftermath of 9/11 .
4. "FREEDOM FELL" The following Windows Media Media Video was submitted to me by Hank "The Kat in the Hat" Crowder of KHCA ANGEL 95 FM in Manhattan Kansas - The original song was written by Jay Feigal. Credits to Jay Feigal - Writer and Guitar / Hank Crowder - Lead Guitar, Video Production and Producer. Recorded and produced at KHCA Angel 95 FM Manhattan Kansas (The Little Apple) / Email:
5. "THROUGH THEIR EYES" INTERNET PREMIERE on 3/11/06 -  THIS IS A MUST WATCH  - This presentation has never before been released on the internet - created and produced by Peter Robertson in Toronto Canada, he created this tribute for himself, his family and friends to deal with the pain of 9/11 (Peter lost a friend and colleague at the WTC).

Peter offered his 9/11 Video Tribute to me after 4 plus years of keeping it private for himself & family. He explained to me that he felt it was time to share it with others. This video includes some "raw" audio at the beginning that may not be suitable for children. Please send Peter a note and let him know how you felt about his tribute at

I, for one, am so very glad that Peter decided to share his moving Tribute with us... Thank you, Peter!

If you haven't already - BE SURE to view Peter's 9/11 7th Anniversary Tribute - "Broken Hearts"



Kristi Nelson - Mama Will Hold Me - Original 9/11 Tribute Song... ADDED 3/20/06 -  THIS IS ANOTHER MUST WATCH AND LISTEN!  - The following video features a stirring video with a beautiful original song, "Dedicated to the Children", and focuses on the First Responders and their families.

"Mama Will Hold Me" is a beautiful and moving song written and performed by a very talented young woman with an amazing voice - Kristi Nelson.

7. "AFTER 9/11"

I found a 9/11 Tribute website in 2006... IT FEATURED A VERY MOVING VIDEO TRIBUTE CLIP...  The site featured a 5 minute preview clip of a reportedly longer "After 9/11" video... The following text was taken from their "After 9/11" Tribute & Memorial website.

"A year after the event, some of us living in Hoboken worked on a modest documentary commemorating 9/11. It was shown once for a small local audience. We've placed five minutes of it online here, as we think there might be a wider audience for this material.

THE FIVE-MINUTE FILM CLIP SHOWN is a compilation of some of the “missing” posters that covered lower Manhattan in the hours, days and weeks after the 9/11 WTC attacks. It is set to music by Cecilia, the band (now renamed The Veltz Family). This music was sent by the musicians to one of the NYC firehouses that had lost firefighters to the attacks, in the form of an unmarked, anonymous CD."

OK, back to me now - The website that originally presented this clip went offline in early '08 - I am presenting my saved copy of that shortened "After 9/11" tribute and memorial here. I wish I had the reported entire video to share, If anyone can provide it to me, I will post for all - The images move quickly and the text is a bit small, please watch closely. The message and the images are unforgettable. The images... The song... and the MESSAGE of this 9-11 Memorial & Tribute Touches the Heart & Soul... THANK YOU and MUCH RESPECT TO WHOMEVER and ALL that CREATED THIS MOVING TRIBUTE!


9/11 & September 11th Tribute and Memorial Songs -

September 11th 2001 and  9/11 Tribute SongsI've also added a few MP3 files of popular songs with 9/11 broadcasts mixed into the songs... (see below) These are also very moving testimonials to the events of September 11th 2001. Click on the following song titles below to hear the audio mix.

September 11th Popular Song Remixes

9/11 MP3 Remix: "One More Day" - Diamond Rio
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Arms of an Angel" - Sara McLachlan
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Hero" - Enrique Iglesias
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Remember Me This Way" - Jordan Hill
9/11 MP3 Remix: "The Dance" - Garth Brooks
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Only Time" - Enya
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Show Me the Way" - Styx - Thank you Scott, for sending this to me
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Star Spangled Banner" - Jimi Hendrix & "Seek & Destroy" - Metallica - Sent by Eric Lambert, Thank you Eric!
9/11 MP3 Remix: "Some Gave All" - Billy Ray Cyrus - Sent by Darrell H of St. George, Ga., Thank you Darrell

September 11th Tribute Songs from the Videos above

Original 9/11 Song: Jay Fiegal - "Freedom Fell" - From the #4 Windows Media Video above of "Freedom Fell"


Victoria Williams - "I Can't Cry Hard Enough" - From the  #2 Flash presentation above of "I Can't Cry Hard Enough
Original 9/11 Song: Kristi Nelson - "Mama Will Hold Me"  - From the #6 Windows Media Video above of "Mama Will Hold Me" written and performed by Kristi Nelson -
 A beautiful song written and performed by a very talented young woman with an AMAZING voice...
Original 9/11 Song: Larry Kimpel - "My America" - From the #16 YouTube video posted above

ORIGINAL September 11th Tribute & Memorial Songs

Original 9/11 Song: The MP3 "We Will Remember You" offered by We Will Remember You. This song is a tribute to "First Responders"... Fire, EMT, Police, Law Enforcement... NEW - View the video and song tribute of We Will Remember You
Original 9/11 Song: View "The Legacy" site and download their September 11th Tribute song presented by Doug and Pam Champagne of Ottawa, Canada
Original 9/11 Song: The "Freedom Fell" original 9/11 Tribute song from the original "Freedom Fell" video tribute above
Original 9/11 Song: "Walking Amongst The Ashes" submitted by Banastre Tarleton.
Original 9/11 Song: Kristi Nelson's - "Mama Will Hold Me" From the Windows Media Video above of "Mama Will Hold Me" written and performed by Kristi Nelson - A beautiful song written and performed by a very talented young woman with an amazing voice...
Original 9/11 Song: "We will Stand" - Jon Henninger - An original Patriotic/Country crossover song by Jon Henninger produced by 2009 Grammy Winner Jonathan Crone. You can also view Jon's YouTube page for this song here - watch-v=wtaHlXI0nUY.  Jon, thanks for sending me this great tribute song.  UPDATE  - Jon performed this song at the 2010 9/11 Memorial Event held at the Washington Monument in Washington DC.
Original 9/11 Song: "I'll Always Remember" - Jo Ann Biviano  - A very touching and beautiful original 9/11 tribute song. THIS SONG IS A MUST LISTEN  - Beautifully sung with very moving lyrics.  View Jo Ann's YouTube version and page to leave her a message.

Jo Ann sent me her song in September 2010 with her message which included in part  "... It is a song of hope and reflection. My hope is to have this heard all around the world and that people will "connect" with it and remember the day when we were bound in such a unique way". Thank you Jo Ann for sharing this beautifully moving tribute with us, I also hope your moving song is heard around the world!

Jo Ann Biviano - "I'll Always Remember" - September 11 2001 tribute song
9/11 Original Song
 10th Anniversary
"The Eagle Still Flies"

I received the following email from Daniel Baird - "I was just looking over your page and thought you might enjoy hearing this:  It's a song I recorded for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.  My sister and I co-wrote it.  We tried to do a first class job on the production end of things - hopefully it shows.  You are welcome to share with others who might appreciate it."  Thank you Daniel! I hope others enjoy it as I did.

Listen to "The Eagle Still Flies" and view the GREAT video for this song on Daniel's YouTube page - watch-v=-eem35Pa35M

The Eagle Still Flies by Danial Baird


9/11 & September 11th Poems -

The following 9-11 Poem sent to me in 2002 - Authored by Donna, in England

A normal day as autumn sings

Then evil flew with silver wings

And England froze in disbelief

Like statues wearing masks of grief

Broken lionhearts roar in pain

Salt water falls instead of rain

And we were bound in helpless crying

Whilst flesh of our flesh lay dying

A sea of tears with waves so pure

To break upon a new york shore

Donna signed her Email to me:

"with utmost love and respect for all our American Cousins"

September 11th 2001 Poems. 9/11 Poems. 9.11.01 Poems and Tributes

September 11th / Sept 11 Tributes

Thank you for your poem and sincerest thoughts,  Donna...

The following 2 "Union Jack" 7/7/05 Tribute images are for Donna and our British cousins from me...


The following poem authored by and property of Christopher Fink

Tears of State

She is crying, that great Lady of Liberty.

The deep wound in her soul bleeds.

Her hands are scratched as she rises.

Blood pours from her head mixing with

salty tears and dripping to the rough ground.

A crowd watches from a distance.

Some reach out a hand, a comforting word.

Heads wag and murmurs of shock float in the air.

Others laugh, dancing, 'It's time,' they say.

As she looks up, eyes flutter and flash;

 sadness and surprise join hands with

 anger, determination, and inner strength.

The robes of safety are torn, and

 as she searches for the book of history,

 she sees that it has opened to a new page.

There is fire and blackness, but as it turns

 she sees that there is a hope for tomorrow.

The new chapter has only just begun.

The great torch has but a glimmer,

 yet as her fingers grasp its worn handle,

  the pain feeds the sputtering flame

  until it blazes with a new urgency.

Her face turns upward, burning,

 a beacon in the blackness reaching out

 to gather her frightened children around her.

The blaze lights up the night meeting the sun

 as it rises over an unwritten paragraph.

History is waiting to be born today.

Gone is the sleep of yesteryear.

Resolve hardens into polished steel.

The book is put aside; now in

 Liberty's hand is the sword of judgment.

It has awakened in her heart

 and as the mists clear, the writing begins blood.

September 11th 2001 Tributes. 9/11/01 Tributes. 9.11.01 Tributes
September 11th Tribute and Memorial Poems
September 11th 2001 Poems

"Tears of State" poem authored by and property of Christopher Fink


I Saw An Eagle Cry !!!
September 11th 2001 Poems. 9/11 Poems. 9.11.01 Poems and Tributes
Today I saw an eagle,
With a teardrop in his eye.

It literally took my breath away,
To see an eagle cry.

I asked him, What's the matter?,
And he told me what he saw.

A cowardly attack was made,
On the towers that once stood tall.

He said everything he stood for,
Had taken a shocking blow.

So he had to take a moment,
To let his own emotions show.

Then he proudly told me,
That our Nation would survive.

That our Liberty and Freedom,
He'd be sure to keep alive.

He said for us not to be afraid,
To stand together, not apart.

For a terrorist has succeeded,
If he puts fear within our hearts.

Author, currently unknown

September 11th 2001 - Never Forget...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”



I wanted to share this fallen Marine's Tribute... Cpl. Robert P. Warns II was a casualty in Operation Iraqi Freedom


Freedom... IS NOT FREE...

Not just for us in the United States, but for any nation or people hoping for freedom & human rights with a fruitful and respectful quality of life.

The price of freedom, your families safety and future...


Do not kid yourself - Tyrants and twisted ideologies have been trying (and often succeeding) to  conquer,  subjugate and destroy their fellow human beings for thousands of years throughout human history...

The freedom's that free people enjoy today, have come at the price of those willing to fight to defeat their enemies and fight to win...

Defeating twisted ideologies and tyrants who wish to subjugate all free people is nothing new in human history - it just so happens that we have been forced to do so, once again... In viewing ALL of human history, those that don't fight against radical ideologies and tyrants are often destined to living under their rule and the consequences (both short and long term) of their rule.

Are YOU willing to accept the very real consequences of apathy and inaction?

September 11th Tributes and Memorials - September 11th 2001 10th year anniversary
The above image offered by TSgt Lyle Glass... Thank you Lyle!



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I originally wrote this in 2003, unfortunately, many of the predictions and the commentary I made over 12 years ago, has been more often proven to be correct based on the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood when they took control in Egypt, and most recently by everything that ISIS / ISIL has done since they came to be during their involvement in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and other nations. This one group (ISIS / ISIL) with their treatment of ANYONE that doesn't support their radical ideology and those of other faiths, is a chilling testament to how those that believe that a return to the most fundamental 7th century teachings and behaviors of Mohammad is how the world and all it's citizens should be governed forever.

My abridged "Rant" on the Islamic Extremists threat since 9/11/01 and LONG before

For OVER 40 years, Islamic fundamentalists and extremists with their supporting murdering minions have attempted to fulfill their most recent "Declaration of War" against  the United States and "The West" in dozens of bombings of U.S. Embassies & U.S. interests and the murder of many Americans and tens of thousands of others throughout the world. This previously declared war finally touched continental American soil in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Many, many more bombings, and murders of innocent 1,000's after the '93 WTC bombing and then this long declared war against the United States culminated with the morning of September 11th 2001.

We must prosecute the current "War on Terror" against Islamic fundamentalists and extremists with an even greater resolve and tenacity than our "Greatest Generation" showed during their struggle and war against Japan, the Nazi's and Axis powers during World War II.

We must not just fight, we must fight to WIN, as the depth and resolve of this particular threat can only be stopped if it is eliminated completely.

Just as in World War II - We must fight until there is a total and complete victory over these enemies. Our government, and other allied governments knew during World War II that any type of settled peace would never end the current and future threat of Japan and Germany, their governments and twisted ideologies that permeated their governments and much of the citizenry. Therefore, they prosecuted that war until those enemies that wished to continue their fight were all dead and those that were still living were willing to surrender and capitulate completely and unconditionally.

I would say that (arguably) Japan & Germany (and their citizens) have enjoyed their greatest freedoms, prosperity and peace after the total defeat of those Fascists, Nationalists and Militarists that lead them into World War II.

If we lose this war against Islamic fascists and Muslim extremists, I believe that the resulting future for us, our children and their children will be a future that will be more bleak and desperate than if the United States, England and our allies had lost World War II to the Axis powers... I fear that our children or their children could easily live to see the end of the United States with our democracy and the personal freedoms we do enjoy to this day.

I hope that the United States and our citizens are ready to fight the the struggle and war that we did not ask for but was thrust on us. And that the prophetic quote of Admiral Yamamoto uttered by him (shown below), after the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor by his own naval fleet, will also ring true to the current war to defend the future of our country, our freedoms and the quality of lives of our future generations.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (1884-1943) Commander in Chief of the Japanese Navy. After the attack on Pearl Harbor. - “I fear all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

As an example: The recent history of Lebanon over the last 40 years (view a video of a Lebanese TV journalist and author a few paragraphs below) is a very sad snapshot of what could easily happen in the future of the United States... The repeat of histories lessons that should have been learned from Lebanon, I believe are to be replayed out in a number of secular Middle Eastern and North African countries and possibly in a number of European countries during many of our lifetimes.

Islamic fundamentalists (and many non-fundamentalists) are striving to, and expect to someday replace the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and way of life with a government, judicial system and way of life based entirely on the Qur'an, the Sunnah's and 1400 year old Sharia Laws... Are you OK with that?

These enemies of our nation and our freedoms, plan and hope, that in a not to distant future - Your children or their children will be living under Islamic rule run by and managed by Muslim Clerics or a single Caliphate that interpret the Koran / Qur'an, The Sunnah and Sharia Law to decide how all persons should live their lives or when they should lose their lives...

An Islamic government that determines it's policies and laws, and dictates their citizens beliefs and behaviors on their own interpretation of the Qur'an, the Sunnah, Hadith's and Sharia Law.

A nation and a government mandated by the Koran, the Sunnah with it's Hadiths - with ALL laws and punishments passed out by Clerics or a Caliphate citing 1400 plus year old Sharia Law (FYI - Sharia Law is based ONLY on the written words from Muhammad's alleged utterances (as Muhammad was illiterate) and from examples of his life's behaviors, which again were written by many others, long after his death).

No longer will there be a nation or a government "For the People and by the People". You will either become a Muslim to achieve acceptance and equality in a nation governed under Islam or you will live in submission as a 2nd class citizen under Islamic rule (dhimmitude). This is not misinformed, uneducated or hateful rhetoric - it is simply the truth as demonstrated in the recorded history of previous centuries and demonstrated in this century daily in a dozen or so nations where strict Islamic based governments rule over any non-Islamic citizenry. The Islamic faiths beliefs and facts about dhimmitude are taught daily in 1,000's of Madrassas across the world.

Just recently the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt showed us a great example of what life as a non-Muslim can be like in an Islamic faith based government - Ask a Coptic Christian (if you can find one anymore) how great their life in Egypt was while the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge. And of course let's look at how ISIS, ISIL (or IS as they now want to be called) has treated ANYONE that doesn't believe exactly as they do.

These enemies of our nation are very clear and they have no problem in stating what their final objective is... Extremists and fundamentalist Islamic followers citing their Islamic teachings and Islamic leaders are killing anyone in their way, fighting to the death and/or blowing themselves up in the midst of others for the following goals -

1 RELIGION - Islam

1 GOVERNMENT - Based on Islamic Rule

1 SET OF LAWS - (Islamic Sharia Law)

for ALL people in ALL Countries on Earth...

This is the Islamic Fundamentalists "FINAL SOLUTION"

Are you OK with that?


WTC 1993 - September 11th 2001 - - Bali 10/12/02 - Madrid 3/11/04 - Beslan 9/3/04 - London 7/7/05 - Mumbai 11/26/08 - & Hundreds of other Islamic Terror Locations

Click PLAY to view a Heritage Foundation appearance of Brigitte Gabriel - Author of "Because They Hate"

Brigitte lived through the reality -  We should heed her warnings. An EYE OPENING Story & History Lesson!
I believe that this is what the future holds for many more nations IF we are not careful and aware.

Sir Winston Churchill - “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - “Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans, born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today, at home and around the world!”

Colonel Bull Simons  - "History teaches that when you become indifferent and lose the will to fight, someone who has the will to fight, will take over."

America is not perfect, but I for one would rather live the life of freedom and unequaled opportunity that is offered here and in many of our friends and allies countries long before I would wish to be subjugated to the life offered by the twisted self-serving leaders, fascists, nationalists, false prophets and religious zealots like Usama Bin Laden, North Korea's Kim Jong-il (now Kim Jong-un), China's Deng Xiaoping, the Taliban's Mullah Omar, Iran's current Islamic government with it's Muslim cleric leadership and their puppet president and many, many other so called "Leaders" and "Heads of State"...

They are all mere men and people, certainly no better than us, and much closer to many of histories past self serving, sociopathic and twisted leaders such as; Prime Minister Tojo and the Japanese Militarists of 1930's-40's, Adolf Hitler and his top aides, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Nicolae Ceausescu, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Slobodon Milosovich, Saddam Hussein and many others, known and relatively unknown throughout our recent history.

For all of these current and past tyrants, their answer to any people standing in the way of their paths to power, was to subjugate, enslave, imprison or kill all those that showed dissension or opposition to their agendas.

These past "leaders" have all come and gone, and history has shown them for what they really were. History will always remember them for their evil, murderous, destructive and self serving agendas and legacies.

History will show today's Islamic extremists & fundamentalists for what they really are... Twisted and narrow minded men that hope they can overcome and subjugate everyone that is not like themselves with their murderous and terroristic ways.

No TRUE God or prophet of God tells his followers to KILL those that don't believe in him, or to kill those that refuse to subjugate (dhimmitude) themselves to his religion and religious doctrines, or to kill those that stand in their religions way or choose to leave that religion.

And when men say that there is a God or prophet that says to either subjugate into dhimmitude all those that don't believe in or follow him, or to kill those that choose to leave the religion... Then I say - They are NOT a true God or prophet, but rather just another of history's many past false gods, ranting self proclaimed prophets, tyrants and twisted leaders that can always be found when you search through much of the most inhumane and painful past of human history.

Many of these past "Gods" and "prophets" have come and gone, and history has shown them for what they really were. History will always remember their messages and the actions of their followers for their evil, murderous, destructive, twisted and most often, self serving legacies.



Want to see the most recent face of Islam, taken back to it's 7th century roots and the teachings that have come from those that wish for a regional and ultimately a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and a return to a world where Islamic fundamentalists have charge in any part of the world?

SCROLL DOWN to view 3 photos, but be warned, photos 2 & 3 are DISTURBING!

RIP James Foley 1974 - 2014

Warning - The 2nd photo is disturbing and the final 3rd photo is a graphic photo after the beheading (although some is blurred, it is still graphic & disturbing).

I will NOT post any raw / un-blurred photos showing the actual beheading and aftermath. I did post one photo of the knife to throat, and the after photo with some blurring as I believe that people must see photos 2 and 3, to truly understand the barbarity and sickness of these fundamentalists. I'll never post the video, as these 3 photos unfortunately show the true evil of these psychotics.

Thousands of others have suffered the same fate in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and more. Nearly all at the hands of someone acting in their belief that this is what their God and prophet has said is the right way to treat those that do not submit entirely to them and their Islamic faith.











There are thousands of images and videos out on the internet showing this kind of barbarism inflicted on thousands of people across the world where these Islamic fundamentalists are allowed to grow, grab power and territory.

The victims are nearly always bound, and it's either bullets into their body, bullet to the head, or a slow sawing knife to the neck. POW's, government officials, police, fellow Muslims, non-Muslims, Christians, or anyone that disagrees, or breaks certain "rules"! This is often their ultimate fate.

No doubt about it, those that believe these actions are just and sanctioned by God, must be destroyed.


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Bradley Jontzen


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