The Eleventh After: Hope Rises - One World Trade

The Eleventh After: Hope Rises - One World Trade
by Patti Keiper 09-11-12

It's 9/11, on the eleventh year.
Do not cry.

What is past... your sadness, eases.
The future awaits us with open arms.
Do you see it?

They are working at the heart of it.
Their eyes... always eager to the skies.

Concentrate on growing...
And living...
... like they do.

Yes, for simply that, smile, and be glad.
For our strength, still soars.

Here is no longer ground zero.
It is new ground.
Blessed in all our dreams.

Do not hurt to remember those who died.
Let the waters give you peace.
For beauty surrounds them at last.

All of us want to heal...
And so we will... day by day.
Moment by moment.
Bolt by bolt.
From one heartbeat, to the next.

As the beams build ever higher on this day,
... our spirit, finally flies.

But do they know?

The answer...
... is yes.

On the eleventh anniversary...
Hope rises.

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