Phone Call...

Music & lyrics 2011 Derik Nelson
Written as a tribute to the families affected by the tragedies of September 11th, 2001

He falls asleep without a sound
His plane's a long way from the ground
And he's gone, for just a few days, he's gone

He's dreaming of his little boy
His heart so young, so full of joy
But it's wrong, something's all wrong, it's wrong

He opens his eyes for the first time
There's panic and noise everywhere
The captain's voice cuts through the speakers
The tragic news filling the air

"This won't be easy I'm afraid
Folks, this is hard for me to say
We're going down, we're going down"

The phone is ringing back at home
He's breathing deep, he's breathing slow
As he tries to keep it together, he tries

He says "son, can I please talk to mommy
I just need a minute or two"
As he hears "I ate all of my vegetables, dad
So I can be strong just like you"

"Go get mom for me, please"
"But dad, she's already asleep"

"Then tell her that I'll wait to see her soon
Tell her that I'll wait for her to find me
Tell her I'll be with her, every minute, every hour, every day
I'm leaving, but I know you'll be okay"
"No dad don't go, I love you, can't you stay"

Ten years can slip by in what seems like an hour
The fights of our fathers fall into our hands
We haven't yet forgotten, and we haven't yet forgiven
And I'm not saying that we ever can
But when all's said and done, what you spend, what you save
You can't take it with you on your judgment day
So divided we fall, and we fell like a stone
But united we stand, so don't leave me standing alone

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